UEC Africa 2020

-a competitive eating project


According to UEC Guide regulated by Universal Recreation & Entertainments (U.R.A.E.), international eating competitions or contests have become an international phenomenon with outfits such as the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE)’s Major League Eating from America holding about 80 events annually, including the annual Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, which is variously and famously considered the “FIFA” or “World Cup” of competitive eating, in Coney Island, New York.

According to the available information worldwide, eating contests have now become so popular as both a sporting endeavor and a form of entertainment. From all indications, the success of these events is largely credited to sponsors and partners, who lend their names and financial support to the projects. These highly publicized signature events provide a meaningful investment for sponsorship participants.


From certain tough spots of the world, we hear too much about folks participating in crimes of terrorism, militancy, prostitution, child trafficking and soldiery. Also, problems of truancy, substance abuse, obesity, teen pregnancy, and academic failure abound immensely among the youth. But all that is changing, and the Universal Eating Contest, UEC, under the auspices of the Universal Recreation & Entertainments (U.R.A.E.) is playing a big part in the transformation via competitive sporting events and entertainments.

In 2018, Universal Eating Contest was established by a joint effort of both the Universal Recreation & Entertainments and Nubian Televisions with the purpose of serving as a conduit for the empowerment of young folks in Africa by providing their local entertainment facilities and schools with a comprehensive program that gives hopes, builds confidence, and promotes healthy habits and education through various workshops, conferences, industry seminars, competitions, and talent showcases – resulting in positive values, high esteems, and real life power within and outside of the project to prepare them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives.


There is a tremendous need, especially for high-risk youth in low-income neighborhoods, for projects that provide them with tremendous activities. Youngsters in poor nations are struggling for direction and positive opportunities that are needed to keep them safe and on-track; a great majority of all world youth cannot read or do math at grade level. Current research indicates that supervised after-school and summer programs exercise/sporting activities not only keep youngsters safe and out of trouble, but they also significantly improve their physical structure, mental alertness, and academic achievement.


Nigeria, West Africa, with significantly higher than average incidences of brutal crime, kidnapping, terrorism, banditry, armed robbery, poverty, truancy, teen pregnancy, rape, militancy, hunger, kwashiorkor, malaria, marasmus, and illicit drug use suffers from a lack of constructive activities for her youth. Visionaries saw the potential benefits of a quality after-school and summer program, among others, in the area of sports and entertainment. To provide hope and safe haven for the inner-city youth of Nigeria’s adherence to the First Serve Life Skills Curriculum, the organizers of UEC Africa 2020 Eating Contest have developed a project patterned (in terms of pomp and allure) after both the Major League Soccer (MLS) and Major League Baseball (MLB), which are two of the popular traditional American pastimes. Since its inception, the URAE’s UEC Africa 2020 Eating Contest has gained a positive reputation internationally for providing constructive activities that contribute to reducing crime and illicit undertaking, while increasing physical and academic performances, and providing life skills to ensure success in school, in the community, and in life.


URAE’s Universal Eating Contest from the United States of America brings UEC Africa 2020 to the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria.

UEC Africa 2020 is a competitive eating project where competitors, men and women over eighteen years of age, converge on a decorated and branded stage to compete with one another for the title of the best and fastest eater in Nigeria.

URAE brand will produce at least two Championship Eating Contests in 2020 that are designed to generate a high-level of media coverage in addition to entertaining a live audience. URAE will provide publicity efforts surrounding the event across Africa and the United States. URAE will draft and disseminate press releases and news advisories, and will aggressively target media outlets to generate contest coverage. It should be noted that the four undercard amateur contests on the above-listed dates do not count as part of the potential two UEC Africa events for 2020, as they are only part of this first event in Nigeria.

URAE will host two different undercard/qualifier contests in two regions of Nigeria; viz, Lagos & Ibadan.

The official URAE Emcee, will arrive in Nigeria on Monday, March 16th, 2020 for the UEC Africa 2020 contests.

The preliminary contests will be held in:

Lagos from March 18th to March 22nd, 2020 @ Police College, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Ibadan from March 25th to March 29th, 2020 @ Nigerian Television Authority, Agodi Gate, Ibadan.

Ultimately, the Grand Finale event will be held on April 11th, 2020 @ the Araromi Youth Development Center Stadium, Gbagada, Lagos State of Nigeria.

To participate in the Nigeria’s round of the eating contest a two thousand naira cash only entry fee is required. Visit any branch of the United Bank for Africa, UBA, in your community and pay the above-mentioned amount of one thousand naira into the following account number:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1022226375
SORT CODE: 033153827

After you have made a payment of two thousand naira, please, take a picture or snap of your teller receipt, write your full name boldly, and text them to us on +234-817-019-4915 & +234-903-023-0597 to complete registration. And then, hold on to your original teller receipt given to you from the bank, as this will serve as your ticket to the event.

Or, better yet, if you wish to pay with your Debit card or Visa/Master credit card, press the REGISTRATION button on this Website, fill in the information, and pay a fee of #2000 (two thousand naira) or its equivalent of $5 (five dollars).


1st place:

3-million naira; championship trophy; championship belt, and a chance to represent Nigeria at the New York City’s annual 4th of July hot dog contest.

2nd place:

1.5-million naira, and 2nd place trophy.

3rd place:

1-million naira, and 3rd place trophy.

***And tons of beautiful consolation prizes to be won by the other participating contestants in the Grand Finale.***

For more information:

Check us out on www.universaleatingcontest.com

Call us on (+234-817-019-4915) & (+234-903-023-0597)

Visit us on our social media sites:

Facebook; @Universal-Eating-Contest

Instagram: @universaleatingcontest

Twitter: @eating_contest

YouTube: Universal Eating Contest

Registration is on right now!


Universal Recreation & Entertainments
25, Ladipo Kasumu Street,
Off Adeleke Street by First Bank Bus Stop,
Allen Avenue,

Telephone: +234-817-019-4915 & +234-903-023-0597

Website(s): www.universaleatingcontest.com
E-mail: universaleatingcontest@gmail.com


It should be noted that the four undercard amateur contests on the above-listed dates do not count as part of the potential two UEC Africa events for 2020, as they are only part of this first event in Nigeria. Also, the main contest will be emceed by URAE personnel, and will feature UEC Africa’s trademark sensibility: a combination of over-the-top pageantry and tongue-in-cheek commentary. UEC Africa will infuse promotional commentary and deliver strategic brand message points throughout the entire presentation.

URAE will advise on all aspects of event production, including contest, staging, sound, food/food service, EMT, etc. URAE will advise on the design and production of branded materials such as signage, uniforms, cups, etc. URAE will promote the contest on www.urae.com. URAE.com has become a popular web destination and generates thousands of impressions on a daily basis. The contest information will be posted on UEC’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well as on our YouTube channels. A licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) will be on the ground to closely monitor the contests and any media appearances that involve eating. The rules, length, and format of the contests will be customized to ensure entertainment while maintaining safety as the top priority. URAE will oversee the signing of waivers that indemnify appropriate parties.


In order to make UEC Africa 2020 a successful event in Nigeria, URAE strongly believes that the formula for providing effective, cost-efficient and high quality projects includes collaboration with many strong-wheeled community organizations and corporations, which is one of the reasons we seek the support and contribution of prospective corporate or individual sponsors and contributors. Also, vendors and advertisers of sort are encouraged to contact us either by filling the contact form or calling our office number if they wish to advertise with us during any of our events.


To make this an annual event in order to serve disadvantaged youth and encourage sporting activities in both Nigeria and Africa, UEC Africa 2020 has developed a fund raising plan, which includes initiating an annual fund drive targeted to individuals; an annual banquet/auction; funding requests to area civic clubs and organizations; corporate, and foundation grants.


UEC Africa 2020 competition will be pleased to acknowledge your contribution, as well as those of our other potential sponsors/partners, and generate a tremendous amount of buzzes according to each other’s sponsorship levels. We will recognize your support with appropriate signage and banners at the event. In addition, we would make mention of your gift in our Website and quarterly newsletter. Also, we will submit your names with news releases to local and foreign newspapers, tabloids, and magazines.