Eating Tournament

2018 Amateur Eating Tournaments:

  • Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA
  • Florida & U Streets community park, Washington, DC, USA
  • Baltimore County Amateur Contest, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

2019 Amateur Eating Competitions:

  • Abule Egba Community, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Ikeja Central Amateurs, Ikeja City, Lagos State, Nigeria
  • Ajah Community, Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria

URAE brand will produce at least two Championship Eating Contests in 2020 that are designed to generate a high-level of media coverage in addition to entertaining a live audience.

URAE will provide publicity efforts surrounding the event across Africa and the United States.

URAE will draft and disseminate press releases and news advisories, and will aggressively target media outlets to generate contest coverage.

URAE will host four (4) different undercard/qualifier contests – in four regions of Nigeria; viz, Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, and Abuja – using the UEC Africa name with local amateurs.

The official URAE Emcee, who arrives in Nigeria on Friday, January 3rd, 2020 for the amateur contests in Lagos (January 4th – January 18th), Ibadan (February 1st – February 15th), Port Harcourt (February 29th – March 14th), and Abuja (March 28th – April 11th) will emcee those preliminaries, and ultimately the April 25th, 2020 Grand Finale event in Lagos.

It should be noted that the four undercard amateur contests on the above-listed dates do not count as part of the potential two UEC Africa events for 2020, as they are only part of this first event in Nigeria.

Also, the main contest will be emceed by URAE personnel, and will feature UEC Africa’s trademark sensibility: a combination of over-the-top pageantry and tongue-in-cheek commentary. UEC Africa will infuse promotional commentary and deliver strategic brand message points throughout the entire presentation.