Universal Eating Contest, UEC, was established by a joint effort of both the Universal Recreation & Entertainments, LLC and Nubian Televisions with the purpose of serving as a conduit for the empowerment of young folks by providing their local entertainment facilities and schools with a comprehensive program that gives hopes, builds confidence, and promotes healthy habits and education through various workshops, conferences, industry seminars, competitions, and talent showcases – resulting in positive values, high esteems, and real life power within and outside of the project to prepare them for leadership in their communities and success in their personal lives. The Universal Recreation and Entertainments, URAE, which developed Universal Eating Contest, UEC, also engages in other areas such as:

  • Production and distribution of motion pictures, television programs and commercials, streaming content, music and audio recordings, broadcast, radio, book publishing, and video games.
  • Promotion of musical jamborees, music festivals, dancing, singing and beauty contests/competitions.
  • Offering an extensive range of recreational programs like cultural activities and social gatherings, indoor & outdoor debating forums, for people of different ages and varied interests.

Universal Recreation and Entertainments, URAE, serves as an integral part of the entertainment world by offering diverse sports, recreational and entertainment activities that are fun, vigorous and healthy. The Universal Recreation and Entertainments, URAE, provides opportunities for diverse people to participate in eating competitions/contests, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, marathon/cross-country races, auto racing, cycling, football/soccer, baseball, volleyball, cricket, basketball and more.

Our Values:

  • Delivering high quality entertainment, sporting and recreational activities to the community.
  • Participation in sports and recreational activities for everyone regardless of race, creed, sex, and ability.
  • Maximizing resources and meeting objectives.
  • Quality Customer service and accessibility.


Eating Competitions/Contests – Eating competitions where you can root for your favorite contestant or competitor to beat the others.

Production and distribution of motion pictures – Licensing of rights for exhibit, broadcast, renting, and other distribution of motion pictures and other products that include television programming, commercials, music videos, special features, and post-production and technical services. Selling of merchandise and licensing brand names to third-party manufacturers. Distribution of previously released products through theaters; wholesalers and retailers; network, local, cable, and satellite TV; the internet; content streaming; and other distributors.

Promotion of musical jamboree – A big organized event of music party, celebration, or other gathering where there is a large number of people and a lot of excitement, fun, and enjoyment. The music festival is always a huge open-air jamboree with music, stalls and everyone enjoying themselves.

Promotion of beauty pageants – A beneficial project that sometimes combines beauty with brawn and cerebrally, which ultimately supplies contestants with necessities such as intelligence, communication and confidence, by fostering goals, and teaching discipline.

Wrestling – We organize wrestling competitions for everyone. Put your skills to the test at one of our competitive wrestling tournaments.

Kickboxing – Engaging in kickboxing competitions where elite fighters compete and sports fans connect with their heroes.

Marathon/Cross-Country Races – Sport leagues and tournaments designed for people of all different ages, abilities and skill levels.

Auto Racing – Auto racing heat ups the competition with fired up race tracks in this engaging game.

Sports & Recreation Activities – Sports & Recreation Activities are centered on the interest in one sport or fitness activity. They most often involve baseball, volleyball, cricket, football and basketball, but can cover much more.